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We Empower You To Claim Good Credit

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Credit Delete Geeks

CDG provides a fresh take on credit repair by providing an affordable, 100% online, fun credit repair process

Our goal is to quickly and reliably restore your credit using the smartest AI-driven software

Our Mission

Financially empower and educate our clients, revolutionize the credit repair industry and improve credit standards for all those involved.

Our Approach

We combine decades of credit repair experience along with technology and a human touch to achieve realistic results. CDG put their powers to work to restore your good credit and improve your financial buying power

How many points are lost due to bad credit?

— Our Super Heroes —

Meet Our Geeks

The Credit Delete Geeks are here for a singular purpose: To help you. Our focus is to eliminate the bad credit entities, maximize your credit score and claim ultimate bargaining power using a fun, user-friendly process!

Daniel S

Business Development Ninja

Jake W

Credit Hammer

Candace L

Credit Intern

Samuel T

Professor of all things unrelated to Credit

Ryker G

Chief of Robot Whisperer

Louann D

Chief Amazement Officer

Ethan L

Chief Inspiration Officer

Jerome H

Electromagnetic Wrangler


Aria B

Digital Sorceress